Windows Micro XP v.0.82 eXPerience

Windows Micro XP v.0.82 eXPerience

Windows MicroXP v.0.82 eXPerience | 85.2 MB

Micro XP v.0.82 - the best choice for your old sistemnikov. Here is what one of your users: - "I recently ran into this problem. I've got an old laptop, a wonderful Japanese Fujitsu, but because of their advanced age (1998 release), such as, and functions of typewriter is not particularly suited . In the presence of his 2 GB hard drive, 64 MB RAM and a Pentium 200 MMX. All of this farm was 98 Windows, Office XP, Lingvo 11, Nod-second versions. It seems to be, and the limit for this configuration, but to print the documents to me by nature of their activity is not necessary, movies do not look at it, disk space 800 megabytes, but what the internet with 98 to go windsurfing frightening. In general, I decided to upgrade its software to more modern standards and to operate without explicit brakes.

Installing XP initially not even considered, I began to test different versions of it compact Linux. In Puppy Linux on it did not put, despite assurances from developers distributions. But a spirited Puppy boot firmly hanging on startup built-in browser, showing the crowded swap partition. And then was given a chance to Windows Micro XP eXPerience and the result I was very pleased.

They put distribution without problems and very fast, a little fumbled with drivers, but eventually all the equipment was set up, except for old PCMCIA expansion cards, which in principle not necessary. On the drive system took 200 megabytes, with Office 2003 Portable - less than 300. At 64 megabytes, it works very briskly, the number of running services is minimal, when you first start the system occupies 39 megabytes of RAM. There is a built-in browser Browzar - very fast, which occupies 200 kilobytes of space, with the flash player. Who does not like the English interface, use the standard MUI. In general, got a working system with all the necessary applications. The result was so unexpected, that wanted to put this system on more modern computers for the quickening of their work. Of course the question remains with AntiVirus, as with RAM at least 128 you can put a compact anti-virus type
Avira Personal Edition, but also in this scenario, I decided its mission accomplished. "

Version: 0.82
Developer: Microsoft + eXPerience
Platform: x86
Language: English
Activation: not required

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